Macro Programs

Little's MCAR Test 

  • SAS macro that computes a chi-square test of the missing completely at random (MCAR) mechanism, as outlined in Little's (1998) JASA article.  See pages 19-21 in the book for additional details.
  • Click here to download the macro.

SPSS Multiple Imputation Diagnostics

  • SPSS macro that creates time-series (trace) plots following multiple imputation.  The macro also computes and prints a summary table of Gelman and Rubin's potential scale reduction factor diagnostic.
  • Click here to download the macro and the accompanying SPSS files.
  • Click here to download a slideshow that demonstrates the macro.

SAS Pooled Likelihood Ratio Test for Multiple Imputation

  • SAS macro that computes a pooled likelihood ratio test (the D3 statistic) comparing two nested models.  Handles single- or two-level models estimated from PROC MIXED.
  • Click here to access the macro and supporting documentation.
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